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Farmland Wanted to Buy

Our firm works two-fold: Avila Ag Land and its associates acquire and lease farmland and are currently, actively, and always seeking farmland to acquire or lease, while Avila Ag Land develops and manages the farmland for its associates. As knowledgeable buyers in this industry, we recognize potential in any scenario. Our team will consider any farmland, with or without existing crops, understanding the value in any farmland. We look beyond prime turnkey farmland to those properties that have potential under the right management and development. As experts in our field, we are able to provide solutions and have the ability to address many land issues such as:

  • Non-producing orchards
  • Vineyard that need pushing out and redevelopment
  • Irrigation systems or pumps and wells in need of repairs
  • Soil issues
  • Land that requires major clean-up
  • Legal and title issues
  • Partner disagreements
  • Inherited land
  • Unexpected health issues
  • Death of a family member

We deal with unique situations comprehensively, in a discreet and professional manner. If you need to sell or need advice on the right course of action, contact us or complete the form for a free, no obligation consultation and Opinion of Value from a professional farmland specialist.